Kathryn Hall-Trujillo

Founder: Kathryn Hall-Trujillo

The Birthing Project USA
National Resource Center

  • Information Hot-Line — dedicated to prospective volunteers and pregnant women seeking assistance
  • Model Replication Training — providing information, training, and support to potential and current Birthing Projects:
  • Integrated Communications — providing coordination through social media, newsletters and meetings
  • Research — collecting and analyzing data and hosting a collaborative institute to share information among project participants

Birthing Project USA:
The Underground Railroad for New Life

An International Resource Center for Improving Birth Outcomes for Women
Community Building, Education, and Economic Development

Birthing Project USA is the only national African-American maternal and child health program in this country. We are a volunteer effort to encourage better birth outcomes by providing practical support to women during pregnancy and for one year after the birth of their children.

The first Birthing Project began in Sacramento, California, in 1988, as a community service project comprised of volunteers Sister Friends who provide one-on-one support to pregnant teens and women to lower infant mortality. The Birthing Project concept has grown into a nationally recognized model, which has been replicated in over 70 communities in the United States, Canada, and Honduras.

This sisterhood of Birthing Projects is provided with technical and practical support through our national resource center and is known throughout the country as Birthing Project USA: The Underground Railroad for New Life.

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