PWNS CHC Committees, continued

Infant Mortality/Healthy Births Outcome

The PWNS CHC will support the efforts of the Racine-Kenosha Birthing Project. The Racine-Kenosha Birthing Project is a local chapter of the Birthing Project USA, which is an international association and resource center dedicated to improving birth outcomes for women of color by providing volunteer efforts to support women/teens during pregnancy and for one year after the birth of their child. The Birthing Project USA is the only national African American maternal and child health program in this country.

The Racine-Kenosha Birthing Project will work towards improving women's health status by addressing the systemic causes of their lack of well being. The systemic causes usually include, lack of education, lack of social justice and economic disparities compounded by institutional political and personal barriers.

Healthy Outlook for Men

PWNS CHC will implement programs/projects that help men/fathers make sure their infants are healthy and make it past their first birthday by foremost making sure they themselves are healthy. When a man lives his daily life with the mindset and practice of healthy habits, they are more likely to have a healthier body than others. When men have healthy bodies they then help to improve infant mortality rates by reducing some of the genetic risk factors that infants can inherit. Also, when a man lives a healthy lifestyle, he is more likely to make responsible choices as to when he will father a child, help to make sure the expectant mother has a healthy pregnancy and provide proper care and resources for the infant.

For more information contact the PWNS CHC Director at (262) 634 0949.

PWNS Community Health Coalition

Mission: PWNS Community Health Coalition of Racine's mission is to reduce infant mortality, improve the health disparities of African Americans, and to insure the equitable and comprehensive health care of all people.

Purpose: The PWNS Community Health Coalition will develop policies and programs to inform African Americans about the importance of the special health problems they confront and what measures can be taken to improve health and to help them access the health care services needed.

PWNS CHC Committees

Faith-Based Health Initiatives

PWNS CHC will collaborate with organizations that have a religious or spiritual base. These organizations have become venues for reaching and educating members of the Racine African American Community not reached through traditional Community Based Organizations. This committee is a faith-based initiative designed to organize churches in the local area. This endeavor reaches out to black religious leaders to increase education, awareness and compassion for Health issues that affect our African American community. This project also provides on-going training and education sessions to pastors, clergy and lay church people on Health Disparities.

Health Disparities

Educating youth and adults on health disparities such as, AIDS/HIV, Diabetes, Hypertension, and tobacco usage to ensure the consumer needs and issues are recognized, met and addressed effectively. Making sure of youth involvement in this committees so they may share their opinion on related issues while becoming skilled health advocate for their peers.

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